Rules for Visitors with Disabilities

Rules of access to the premises of the National Circus of Ukraine for persons with disabilities, senior citizens and other people with limited mobility

General provisions

  • The rules for access to the premises of the National Circus of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Circus) of persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and other limited mobility groups (hereinafter referred to as the Rules, Persons in Need of Assistance) are designed taking into account the measures determined by state building standards of Ukraine “accessibility of buildings and structures for people with limited mobility, “the Law of Ukraine” on the fundamentals of social protection of persons with disabilities in Ukraine”, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in order to ensure the implementation of public policy Ensuring an unhindered living environment for those in need of assistance at the Circus, ensuring the right of such persons to unhindered access to the Circus premises, convenience and comfort of staying in the Circus Persons in need of assistance, creating conditions for high-quality services for the Circus personnel and providing for Persons requiring assistance opportunities to lead an independent lifestyle and at the level with all citizens to participate in the public, cultural life of the society, and the like.
  • These Rules determine the procedure for accessing Persons who need assistance to the Circus premises to receive its services and communicate with staff, the procedure for interaction between Circus personnel and Services with Persons who need help and among themselves. The rules are placed next to the call button and published on the official website of the Circus. ACCESS TO THE Circus premises of persons in need of HELP The entrance to the Circus is carried out by a ladder, which makes it difficult and / or impossible for independent access. Persons who need help in its premises. For assistance with access to the Circus premises before the beginning of the performance (not earlier than 45 minutes before the beginning of the performance) Persons who need help should be under the stairs in front of the service entrance (the rightmost doors with a visor) and contact us by phone (068) 669 62 06 with the chief administrator; Zakharenko Elena Igorevna or use the button to call the administrator on duty to arrange assistance.
  • The call button is located to the right of the central entrance under the stairs with rails for carriages opposite the doors of the service entrance with a visor. After receiving the ringing tone, the Chief Administrator and / or any attendant administrator will descend to the person with disabilities along with the assistants. If a person contacts the Circus in order to obtain information about the services of the Circus and purchase tickets for the performances of the Circus, the Chief Administrator informs the Sales Service about this, the staff of which later contacts the Person and provides her with the opportunity to meet the needs provided for by this clause of the Rules. In the event that a person in need of assistance turns to the Circus in order to view circus performances / events, the Chief Administrator informs the Playpen Service (uniform) and the duty administrator for accompaniment. Arena service takes measures to transport the Person along with a wheelchair or separately the Person and wheelchair, special equipment and equipment that she uses in all difficult places of the Circus and the auditorium, where she and the administrator stir it to view the performance: if possible, and, if the person agrees, it is left in the wheelchair, which is placed in a safe and convenient place to watch the performance in the Circus aisle; if there is no possibility and / or consent of the Person to place it in accordance with clause 2.6.1, it is placed in place according to the purchased ticket, and the trolley is transferred by the duty manager for storage in the cloakroom. Consultative assistance in driving directions, escorting Persons who need assistance in placing the Circus and, if necessary, providing physical assistance is entrusted to the administrators of the Circus and the Playpen Service. Directorate of State Enterprise “National Circus of Ukraine”