Ticket exchange and refund

Tickets purchased online and at the circus ticket offices are non-refundable.

Can you make a collective order?

Attention teachers, members of parent councils, public and other organizations working with children.

Would you lik to organize  collective trip to the circus for kids?

We will support you at every stage of collective order arrangemend.

Is the visiting free for children?

Our circus brings emotions to kids, teens and adults.

But most sincerely and truly, entertainment arena is experiencing our young viewers.

The entry into the National Circus is free for children, age under the 5 – but  no separate seat. So if you want, you can take the child to your knees.
Don’t forget to bring a document proving the child's age.
Important: the unaccompanied visiting the circus for children under 12 is prohibited by the rules According to the order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine №43 from 30.01.2013. "On realization of the right socially disadvantaged groups to visit companies, institutions and organizations belonging to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, on favorable terms" administration of SE "National Circus of Ukraine" identified last Friday of the month at 18.00 (with a circus performance in terms of scheduling performances) day free access to the following categories of viewers:
disabled groups I and II;
pupils of secondary special educational institutions;
students of the culture and arts universites;
WWII veterans;
Veterans of the Second World War;
combatants, participants ATO.
The right for free visiting to circus performance on the last Friday of the month, provided subject to availability (unsold tickets) upon presentation of original documents, which show identity to the specified categories.

What are the prices and where can you buy tickets?

Ticket prices vary by sector and number, and are divided into categories. Tickets for places with a better view of the arena are more expensive, and more distant from the arena, respectively, cheaper.

Tickets cost - from 100 to 590 UAH.

The sooner you decide to visit the Circus, the greater the choice of places.


Go to the Billboard section, click on the interested view and select the start time on the desired day. Next, in the hall scheme, click on the selected places (color - available, gray - sold). After the payment for the order, tickets will be sent to your e-mail address, it is enough to show them at the entrance (it is possible on the mobile screen).

Tickets can also be purchased at the Circus box office daily from 10am - 8pm

How to prepare for visiting the circus yourself and the child?

One of the favorite children's entertainment is the circus. In the hall with dim light, bright decorations, artists, trained animals, charming music, children feel like they were in a fairy tale.
The circus plays an important role in the life of children - the information the child receives during the performance is not only cognitive, it is also aimed at intellectual development.
The child learns to experience, and the actions that take place in the playpen, cause a baby various emotions and feelings.


• It's best to come with the whole family for the first visit to the circus, so that it's easier for the child to adapt to unfamiliar situations and enjoy viewing.
• Do not buy tickets to places near the playpen, because the baby can scare actors and animals. It will be good if your places appear in 2,3,6,7 sectors close to the exit or passage of the second lobby.
• Buy tickets to places from 8 to 14 rows, where the child will be all visible and audible.


• When assembling for the first time with a child on the show, one needs to take into account the age - children under two can hardly understand what is happening in the playground. Psychologists are advised to get acquainted with the circus at the age of three, when the child can already concentrate and sit in one place.
• To interest the baby, tell him in advance what the circus is, show the thematic pictures and brochures, show on the pictures of animals that will participate in the current program.


• Before the circus, the child should come in comfortable clothes, so that she feels not only the atmosphere of the holiday, but also the convenience.
• You can take care of changing shoes, especially in the cold season. The kid will be much nicer to be in the room in shoes, not in heavy and hot boots.


• Come in advance so that the child can see and get used to a new place. Rush and lag can greatly spoil the mood.
• In advance, tell the baby about the rules of behavior in the circus - in the room you can not eat, rustle with paper from sweets. It interferes not only with him but also with other viewers. It should be explained that it is impossible to make noise and run around the hall.
• During the performance, the baby may want to drink, so take a bottle of water.
• Agree with the child that after completing the show, you will definitely visit the buffet. But you can not bring the baby to the circus hungry.

Children under the age of 4 can attend the circus show without a ticket, but you will have to keep it in hands for 2.5 hours.
If you have to go earlier from the performance, that does not mean that your child did not like it, she could easily get tired.

Please note that the circus administration reserves the right to make changes to the program.

Dear parents, take care that the child from the circus performances only have a pleasant impression. This is especially true in the first campaign, which will affect the further attitude of the child to the circus.