Show performances online! – «LIFE IN THE WORLD OF ANIMALS», Documentary film

On the YouTube channel of the National Circus of Ukraine, the most controversial and discussed topic of the modern circus!
In the documentary film by Olga Kipnis «LIFE IN THE WORLD OF ANIMALS», trainers of the National Circus of Ukraine Yulia and Nikolai Kozyrev will answer the most pressing questions!
How do wild animals get into the circus? How do they accustom them to the arena and the audience? How does the training begin, and on what are animal tricks based? What are they fed, how are they treated, how are animals cared for at the National Circus of Ukraine? You will hear the touching story of the oldest circus lion and find out why animals live longer in the circus than in the wild! You will also see a unique experiment – shooting predators inside the arena and the reaction of tigers in direct contact with a journalist!