Show performances online! – «Water and Fire», 1st part (18.02.2017-14.05.2017)

Circus on the water!
Circus show «Water and Fire» at the National Circus of Ukraine (18.02.2017 – 14.05.2017), 1st part!
The show was created in 2016 and quickly won the hearts of viewers across Ukraine. A fabulous lake filled with 170 cubic meters of water, with fantastic fountains that hit a height of about 20 metro! Synchronized swimming masters demonstrating tricks in the pool! Pirates of the Caribbean under the dome and the magic show of Fire! Alligator wrestling with a trainer! And, of course, clowns! Reprises of the «MARIPOS» trio will charge you with a barrage of positive emotions! To enjoy the interaction of the three elements – air, water and fire, go to the YouTube channel of the National Circus of Ukraine!