Show performances online! – the television program «MAESTRO. MARK REZNITSKY» 2015

How does a circus show begin? First, the entire space of the hall from the arena to the dome is plunged into darkness for a few moments, and then … music appears in the first light source.
Fans of circus art come to the Kiev circus not only to watch the program, but also to hear real live music. Because for several decades the orchestra of the National Circus of Ukraine has been led by an outstanding conductor, jazz musician and composer, People’s Artist of Ukraine Mark Reznitsky. Mark Reznitsky was born in Kiev in 1940. He spent his childhood behind the scenes of the operetta theater. His father, Reznitsky Yosif Markovich, is an undeservedly forgotten name in the history of the musical culture of Kiev and Ukraine.
Tells Mark Reznitsky:
«Father worked all his life in operetta. He is one of the founders of our Kiev operetta. From the day of foundation, from 34, he worked until his death in 57, he worked in operetta. He introduced me to music, introduced me to the theater. Father did a lot. Although he lived very little. Father lived for 46 years … I was in operetta almost every day, sat, listened. I knew all the performances by heart. The music of all performances».
Mark Yosifovich Reznitsky is a unique person, a unique nugget musician. Already at the age of 17, he perfectly owns the clarinet and saxophone. Works in the Kemerovo, Irkutsk Philharmonic. He falls into the group of musicians of the famous artist Nikolai Schukin, later in the pop orchestra of the Kiev Philharmonic Society, with which he toured throughout the Soviet Union. Once in Leningrad, young musicians get to a concert by the founder of the first jazz orchestra in the USSR, Joseph Weinstein. At Weinstein they meet a wonderful musician and conductor Igor Petrenko, persuade him to leave for Kiev and head the Philharmonic Orchestra. So in 1960, the birth of the first Dnipro jazz orchestra in Ukraine took place, in the formation and development of which one of the leading roles belongs to Mark Reznitsky …
On the eve of Kyiv Day, watch the television program «MAESTRO. MARK REZNITSKY»  on the YouTube channel of the National Circus of Ukraine.