Show performances online! – the television program «ANTRAKT. TRAINED MONKEYS» – Animal training as a way of life and daily work

Animal training as a way of life and daily work. The issue «Trained monkeys», about the nuances of the upbringing and maintenance of these unusually smart and obstinate representatives of the animal world are told by training spouses Lyudmila and Yuriy Groshev in the television program «ANTRAKT».
Lyudmila and Yuriy Groshev – originally from the Donbass. She was born in the glorious Krasnodon, he is in Makeevka. Studied in Lugansk at the local branch of the Kyiv variety circus school. Lyudmila, having defended her diploma on the topic «Circus Art Genres», received a red diploma with an addition to the main profession of a circus artist – an arena inspector.
Both Lyudmila and Yuriy began their career as artists of the original genre. They met on a tour in Syktyvkar, where the twin brothers Yuriy and Alexander Groshev worked in a clown duet and simultaneously prepared the act with monkeys…
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