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For a common victory over fascism on the fronts of World War II, many circus performers fought. Among them are the famous Kiev brothers, record acrobats Vasily and Alexander YALOVYE.
«… The war not only destroyed the friendly large family of the peaceful gardener, but for the long six years mercilessly interrupted the creative path of the acrobat brothers. In 1941, as part of the 377th Separate Communication Battalion, Vasily and Alexander Yalovy went to the Southern Front.
The Yalovye brothers took part in the defense of the Black Sea coast, liberated the Krasnodar Territory and the Taman Peninsula. In Krasnodar, in the ruined library, Alexander found a volume of Shakespeare in English and, like a priceless treasure, carried it through the war. This booklet served as an occasion for the acrobat to study English, which Alexander  mastered to perfection over time. Already in peaceful life, he received higher education at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In the Kiev circus school he taught not only acrobatics, but also English …
In the fall of 1943, the battalion in which Vasily and Alexander Yalovye served, became subordinate to the First Ukrainian Front. Its members included the Yalovy brothers’s acrobats who took part in the liberation of Kiev and Right-Bank Ukraine, and reached Czechoslovakia with fighting … »
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