Show performances online! – «Kyiv Academy of Variety and Circus Arts» documentary film on the 55th anniversary (2016)

The Kyiv Academy of Variety and Circus Arts is the only institution of higher education in Ukraine and Eastern Europe that trains circus and variety artists. 59 years is a long way to form KIAECM from studio to Academy, many of whose graduates have achieved fame and success in Ukrainian and world circus art, on domestic and foreign stage.
The history of the Circus Academy in Kyiv began in 1961, when, in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Culture of the Ukrainian SSR, the Republican Studio of Variety and Circus Arts was created in the building of the newly opened Kyiv Circus …
Watch on the YouTube channel of the National Circus of Ukraine Olga Kipnis’s documentary film «Kyiv Academy of Variety and Circus Arts», made in 2016 on the 55th anniversary of the Circus Academy.