Show performances online – 160 years since the birth of PETER KRUTIKOV

160 years since the birth of PETER KRUTIKOV – a cult figure in the history of the domestic circus!
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On April 4, 1860, an outstanding horse trainer, philanthropist and founder of the world-famous circus Hippo-palace (Equestrian Palace) PETR KRUTIKOV was born in Kiev.
The son of General Sylvester Krutikov, a young aristocrat Peter Krutikov. A handsome man and an athlete who received a law degree from the University of St. Vladimir and began a brilliant career under the office of the governor, Peter Krutikov suddenly leaves the service. The young man is obsessed with passion – horses. On Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya street, 36, he buys a house and creates an impromptu arena in his yard. Nugget Pyotr Krutikov achieves stunning success in a very short time and goes on a tour to Europe. Returning to Kiev, Krutikov builds the Horse Palace with his own money – the stationary circus building on 6 Nikolayevskaya Street (now Gorodetsky St.), which opened on November 23, 1903.
Hippo-palace (Horse Palace) Petr Krutikov becomes one of the most prestigious and modernized stationary circuses in Europe, and the trainer himself is one of the most recognized circus artists in the world.
In 1941, the building of the Krutikov Equestrian Palace was blown up, and in its place in 1960 a cinema Ukraine was built. Traces of Peter Krutikov himself were erased by the wheel of the bloody revolution of 1917. His fate is not known. Also, no photos of Peter Krutikov have been found yet.