World Circus Day

World Circus Day
Dear colleagues!
The National Circus of Ukraine congratulates all those involved in the brightest, most daring, honest of all arts – the art of the Circus, on their professional celebrations!
On World Circus Day, we wish you inspiration, new creative opportunities and ups, patience and good health, a return to work in arenas, successful show programs and a grateful spectator in love with the art of the Circus!
Thanks to everyone who responded to our call and sent us their videos in time. Namely: Zaporizhzhya State Circus and its leader Tamara Zubko, Kharkiv State Circus «OLD CIRCUS» and its employee Yuriy Sobolev, SE «Directorate of Traveling Circus Collectives of Ukraine» and its leader Pavel Knysh, State Circus Company of Ukraine and its general director, artistic director Sergey Kabakov, Kiev Academy of Variety and Circus Arts and the head of the department for educational work of students Veronika Gumarova, People’s Circus «YOUTH KIEV» (Kiev), hands to children Stanislav Filippenko and Vyacheslav Sudeikin, exemplary circus art studio «GROTESK» (Chernivtsi) and its leader Alla Ogilchin, children and youth circus art studio «OLD CIRCUS» (Kharkov), its leaders and coaches Svetlana Momot and Dmitry Lyko , the exemplary sports and circus studio «TRIUMF» (Chernihiv) and its leader Evgenia Magola, circus performers, trainers Elena and Daria Maychuk and their furry pupil Elsa.
Happy World Circus DAY!!!