Rules for visiting the National Circus of Ukraine

By purchasing a ticket to events (performances) of the State Circus of Ukraine, you automatically agree to follow all the rules and instructions set at the venue of the event

  1. Purchased tickets to events of the National Circus of Ukraine GP are an analogue of a fiscal or sales receipt, so they cannot be returned and exchanged for another time and / or day. SE “National Circus of Ukraine” does not sell goods, but sells the service in the form of its own event (performance), which is organized by SE “National Circus of Ukraine” in its own premises.
  2. SE “National Circus of Ukraine”, as the organizer of the event, returns the cost indicated on the ticket in person and / or through the networks of distributors, only in case of cancellation of the event. Transfer to another date, any change in presentation or delay in the start of the event is not a reason to return the cost of the ticket. Changes in performance may be associated with injuries or illness of artists and / or animals and other unforeseen factors.
  3. If a ticket is lost, a ticket is substantially damaged, or if the ticket is counterfeit, or if the bar code located on the electronic ticket is not valid, the ticket holder for the event (presentation) is not allowed, a duplicate ticket is not issued, the cost is not refundable, claims are not accepted.
  4. The ticket holder must properly save the ticket until the end of the event and present it to representatives of the State National Circus of Ukraine at any time upon request.
  5. The ticket gives the right of a single entrance to a specific event of the National Circus of Ukraine. If the ticket holder has voluntarily left the event, the ticket becomes invalid for a second pass and is not refundable. If it is necessary to leave the event during the event, visitors should contact the authorized representatives of the State National Circus of Ukraine in order to receive an additional pass document (if available), which will allow returning to the west (performance).
  6. Visitors who violate the established procedure and do not fulfill the requirements of authorized persons of the National Circus of Ukraine SE will be forced to leave the event without refund of the ticket price.
  7. It is forbidden to bring weapons (fire, cold, gas and gas cartridges inclusive), piercing, fragile and flammable objects, glass bottles, flammable, explosive, narcotic substances and devices for their use, any drinks, bring with them animals. All the above mentioned things can be taken away by authorized persons of the State Circus of Ukraine SE.
  8. Attending the event by persons in inadequate, emotionally excited, in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication is strictly prohibited.
  9. In case of using narcotic drugs or alcoholic beverages on the territory of the event, manifestations of aggression on the part of the visitor to other people, disturbance of public order, etc., official representatives of the State Enterprise “National Circus of Ukraine” have the right to force the visitor to leave the event without the right return or refund of the ticket price.
  10. In order to ensure the security of the event, the administration of the National Circus of Ukraine State Enterprise reserves the right to conduct a personal inspection of visitors and their belongings with the voluntary consent of the visitor and not allow the visitor to the west (performance) in case of refusal from personal inspection of the visitor and their belongings.
  11. Attendance by children under 12 years old without an adult is prohibited. In this case, the accompanying person (adult) must have his own ticket to the event (presentation).
  12. For children who are under 5 years of age, admission is free without a separate place. At the same time, along with a ticket to the event, a visitor with children without tickets is required to provide documents certifying their age. One adult visitor can lead to the west (performance) no more than one child without tickets.

Thank you for understanding and following the rules of the event! Enjoy your stay!

Administration of the National Circus of Ukraine State Enterprise