Halloween in the circus


The holiday of Halloween is quite well established among the Ukrainians. It lures with its mysticism, spookiness and mystery. And we will not hide that the very process of turning into some kind of monster is fun for both children and adults.

The National Circus also loves the incredible Halloween and has decided to fully participate in this crazy-fun event! That is why these days you will be met by a spooky circus of the XVIII century with dwarfs, puppets, freaks, acrobats, bearded women, illusionists, spooky sounds and light effects.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to travel in time and find yourself in a vintage circus with elements of magic. Do not think that such a transformation applies only to the performance itself. Incredible things will start much sooner. The lobby will be waiting for you:

  • a true Witch food court with boiling and effervescent mixtures,
  • an impromptu amusement park where you can find out your fortune in a real gypsy fortune teller and play with a shooting range where men’s heads will be targeted,
  • Incredible animators and fantastic makeup from real professionals.

Come, and You will not regret it!