National Circus of Ukraine

  • Мега шоу «Black and White»

The National Circus of Ukraine is the cradle of the circus art of Ukraine. The age-long history, the desire to create, the thirst for experiments together with the world stars of the international arena make the National Circus of Ukraine a center of leisure and exciting experiences for both children and adults.

How did the National Circus of Ukraine appear? What four-legged artists are performing in our arena? What performances will be held in the close future? How to buy tickets? Find out now!


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The National Kiev Circus marches in step with the times not only the repertoire, but also through the conquest of new technologies. The era of portable gadgets and smartphones can not be ignored. Announcements of new performances, exciting videos, interviews with circus performers, vivid photos – we want to share with you all of this, despite the distance, time and seasons. Join us in social networks, watch new performances, communicate and share impressions with relatives, friends, and also with us!