Mega Show “Black and White”

For the first time in Ukraine with a touring tour in Kiev, a modern circus from Germany with the new Mega show “Black and White”, where from February 2, an unusual and innovative spectacle will be presented to the audience.
If you believe that the circus is exclusively children’s entertainment, the International Program will convince you of the opposite! Spectators of the world famous Circus await exciting stunts, surround sound, a flashing spectacle of light, phenomenal special effects, the combination of which creates a dynamic and sensational spectacle.
In a more than a two-hour program, circus art masters will demonstrate their skills to you, because they know how to make a circus show large-scale.
The world-famous artist, from Mexico, at an altitude of more than 16 meters, will demonstrate the deadly tricks on the unique props associated with the risk to life.
Masters from Colombia are not aware of the force of gravity, they are not frightened by the “Wheel of Death”, they can easily perform extreme jumps and risky turns.
Two gangs will compete in the battle for supremacy. Which of them will have the advantage in performing unusual tricks on the cap boards? Thanks to stormy applause of the audience, the winner will be chosen, who will receive the crown.
Under the dome of the circus air gymnasts will soar and charge you with sensuality, powerful choreography and unusual ups and downs in love.
Fans of circus art await a master class from the national athlete from India, who will show the unique talent of anthological yoga.
The international festival winner will perform a workshop game with diabolo and juggling with LED balls. And the winners of the International Circus Festivals in Paris and Rome will dance passionate tango with four-legged friends.
Spectators will be able to surprise: extreme performers on the oncoming swing, who will desperately fly over the 13-meter playpen, bold and fearless horsemen on horseback, acrobats in the room “Ikaria Games” shock you with unusual tricks.
The highlight of the program will be flying motorbikes, with mega impressive jumps in the air, who managed to conquer the audience from many foreign countries and received many awards at international festivals. Mad Flying Bikers moto freestylers are absolute professionals who will fly at full speed under the circus dome to perform dead loops and show bold stunts to the audience. The smell of gasoline and the noise of engines will make the hearts of fans beat faster and shock fans with a risky bright spectacle.
Viewers who came to the circus will laugh heartily from the heart of modern, funny and incendiary clowns of the new European level!
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