Living Water Drops

In the fairy-tale palace called Circus, everyone is preparing for the New Year’s carnival. The main circus tree of the country has already prepared a new holiday outfit and invites kids with their family to light bright lights, make a wish and have fun to meet the new 2019 year!
This time we prepared for you a large-scale European show, which combined the synthesis of light, magic melodies, playful fountains, and also included the best circus acts in the Christmas program.

What happened to the hero of the occasion, which treacherous crooks and thieves led by the main Dark Lord hid in the middle of a magical lake with fountains?

And the New Year’s adventures began with a little Fairy, who took care of the green beauty, poured nutrient water from a jug of water and accidentally broke it and all the droplets and streams scattered around the New Year’s arena. In order to collect all the droplets of living water, so that all the artists would not freeze the evil sorcerer, the four-legged friends go to help the little Fairy.

Will the good forces be able to be the main ones at the holiday this time, you will find out later.

If you believe in miracles and a fairy-tale world, then go with the kids to the main circus tree of the country, where you are waiting for the New Year – Christmas fairy tale “Drops of living water.”

Do not hesitate for a long time with the choice of a New Year’s gift, but just visit us, and you can buy the best places today.

And you will remember the New Year holidays not for one second, or an hour, but for a whole year until the next New Year surprises from the Main Circus Tree of the country.

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