A NEW RECORD FOR THE BOOK OF RECORDES OF UKRAINE was introduced at the National Circus of Ukraine with the introduction of a new achievement in the National Register of Records of Ukraine !!!
Flushmore was performed with the participation of 250 future circus stars in Ukraine, which at the same time demonstrated their talents to the spectators at the circus arena of 13 meters in diameter.
We express our gratitude to the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts. and to the pupils and leaders of the circus teams of Kyiv:

  • Folk art group of children and youth circus “ALЕ-AP”
  • Exemplary artistic group “Harlequin” variety and circus studio
  • Workshop of pop and circus art “Compliment”
  • Sample Circus Studio “Smile”
  • Variety-circus studio “Flick-flet”
  • Circus department of DMSh 14
  • Sports and dance studio “Vizinova”
  • Ensemble of Variety-Sport Dance “Autograph”


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