June 1, 2019, at the arena of the National Circus of Ukraine, a solemn and long-awaited event of the year – the gala show of the Kiev international youth festival of circus art “GOLDEN CHESTNUT” will take place.
The best performers, youth and amateur circus groups from different parts of Ukraine and Europe will take part in the gala show.
Many of them have already popularized the Ukrainian circus art at various world festivals across all continents of the universe, and some only seek to conquer the tops of circus art.
Young performers had been preparing for several years to perform at the Main Arena of Ukraine, troublesome directorial work was being done on the selection of a stage image, musical accompaniment, selection of props in the room and a bright circus costume, debutants trained from morning to night to perfect complex stunts.
For four years in a row, the National Circus of Ukraine acquaints viewers with future world stars, surprises talents and incredible abilities of the younger generation.
A grand event takes place once a year with one Show and is definitely worth a visit, at least for the sake of history, which is under the circus dome and for the future prosperity of Ukrainian and world circus art.
It is on this solemn day that the best of the best participants of the festival will be awarded: bronze, silver, gold, and the best number will be awarded the Grand Prix.
The moment of excitement, stormy applause, incredible emotions, the victory of young artists in the festival will be a good excuse for talking with your family, where you can discuss the Circus more than once.
Give your kids an incredible experience and support the best gala performers with your family.

Hall layout and ticket prices

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