The National Circus of Ukraine invites you to the new International program “Elephant and Striped Voyage”, which will premiere on January 25th.
Strong people and animals of the planet will amaze viewers with their extraordinary capabilities.

From beginning to end, the performance will keep viewers in suspense with breathtaking air numbers, unique tricks by the gold medalist of the International Arts Festival in Korea, trainers of Bengal tigers, and also introduce you to the strongest man on the planet who was listed 29 times in the Guinness Book of Records.
For the first time in the arena of the National Circus of Ukraine one of the strongest people on the planet will demonstrate his skills, he will lift 500 kg weight with his teeth, and a three-ton car will move him.
Only in this program will be recreated a unique trick of the famous illusionist Harry Houdini “Liberation underwater.” The artist will be chained, wrapped in film and lowered into the pool upside down. It is in the water capsule that he must find the key in order to open the handcuffs and free himself. Will the performer be able to overcome the claustrophobic feeling and hold his breath for up to 5 minutes, you will only get out of the water trap when you look at the number to the end.
The original performer of the air matte “matte-trape” will demonstrate to the audience a stand on the teeth in the air with an intense twist without a safety net.
No less enchanting to show your number, and gets the audience, there will be girls on the mast with an acrobatic number “Selfie.”
After such a flurry of adrenaline, only a trained dog can entertain and relax the audience, which will help the juggler to juggle with enchanting porcelain plates.
And for the dessert program, you will find the performance of the largest animal on the planet – the Indian elephant.
Elephant Maya will demonstrate a stand on the trunk, on two legs and patriotically greet the audience with a blue-yellow flag.
And of course, clowns will amaze you with new productions and charge you with positive emotions.

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